Becoming Us

In this unscripted drama, a teenager named Ben learns to live with his dad becoming a woman. The series will follow Ben, his family and his friends as they support one another through this ...



Duration:42 min




Season 1 - Becoming Us
"Ben struggles in school and goes on a strange shopping trip with his girlfriend and their dads."
"Danielle's family invite Ben to dinner to try to help him sort out his feelings. Brook hopes Ayton and Lathan will bond at an outing she's organized. Sutton and Carly select items for Sutton's wedding registry."
"Carly hosts a camping trip for Ben and his pals, and she bans cell phones in order to promote conversation. Brook and Lathan have clashing memories about their youth. Sutton's fianc\u00e9 assists with the wedding planning. Ben gets a driving lesson from Carly."
"Lathan and Carly grow closer as Lathan opens up about a new relationship. Carly tries to get to the root of why Ben's having trouble in school. Ben and Ayton come up with a business idea. Danielle assists her dad with an online dating profile."
"Carly meets Kevin's parents at Kevin and Sutton's engagement party. The arrival of Susan's family makes Carly uneasy. Ben and Ayton seek investors for their T-shirt business. Events in Sutton's life lead Danielle to ponder her relationship with Ben."
"Ben seeks relationship advice from Carly as he questions where things stand with him and Danielle. Ayton devotes himself to his T-shirt business. Sutton becomes uneasy when Suzy expresses concerns about Carly's role in Sutton's wedding."
"Carly shares a heartfelt letter with Ben and Sutton, and it sheds light on why she transitioned. Emilia wants Ben to showcase his photography in a gallery. Suzy and Mandy find a common bond. Danielle assists her dad as he gets ready for a date."
"Everyone is taken by surprise by a sudden medical emergency. Sutton and Kevin are given some bad news. Lathan and Chris grow closer. Danielle finds out something unexpected about Ben."
"Season Finale"