Britain's Biggest Warship

Charting life on board the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth as she is taken to sea for the first time on sea trials that test ship and crew to the limit.



Duration:180 min




Season 1 - Britain's Biggest Warship
"It is early 2016 and sailors begin to arrive at Rosyth dockyard in Scotland where HMS Queen Elizabeth is still under construction. Captain Jerry Kyd and his 700 sailors are assembling to take up their posts on the biggest warship ever constructed for the Royal Navy. Their mission? To take the prototype warship to sea for the first time on dangerous make or break sea trials in the North Sea."
"After eight years in build HMS Queen Elizabeth embarks on dangerous sea trials in the North Sea. The 700 sailors on board have to test everything on the ship for the first time, from galleys to guns and from power plants to propellers."
"HMS Queen Elizabeth approaches the climax of her sea trials in the North Sea. The automatic flight deck fire fighting system must now be tested formthe first time, and the new super carrier makes a visit to Scapa Flow in the Orkneys."