Jake 2.0

Jake Foley is a computer technician for the N.S.A., who secretly longs for a chance to work in the field. Circumstance puts him in a top secret laboratory, in the middle of a shoot-out ...
Season 1 - Jake 2.0
"No description"
17 Sep 2003
"Jake must learn the basics of being an agent and not just rely on his impressive abilities."
24 Sep 2003
"Jake goes undercover at an embassy event."
01 Oct 2003
"In an effort to stop the sale of a powerful illegal explosive, Jake becomes involved with the daughter of an elusive arms dealer."
08 Oct 2003
"After arresting a computer hacker who stole $2 million from the Federal Reserve, Jake assumes his identity to infiltrate a ring of his associates and discover what their next target will be."
15 Oct 2003
"While Diane grows increasingly concerned that the nanites in his body are malfunctioning, Jake is stalked by an assassin while at a friend's wedding."
29 Oct 2003
"During a visit from his obnoxious younger brother, Jake is stalked by a militia group."
05 Nov 2003
"Diane starts dating a cryptographer while Jake hunts for a Polish mercenary and deals with his own romantic relationship with Sarah."
12 Nov 2003
"Jake goes undercover in an elite, autonomous black ops team."
19 Nov 2003
"Jake and his team are under review for a mission they carried out."
10 Dec 2003
"Jake (Christopher Gorham) goes back to college on a mission to protect an African prince from assassins..."
17 Dec 2003
"In order to track down an ex-KGB operative, Jake pairs up with a legendary former agent who is not what he seems."
06 May 2004
"Jake's memory is erased by his arch nemesis."
"Diane must convince Jake to let her help him before the search party finds him."
"Though in a coma, Jake seems to be communicating with his team. And possibly much more."
"Jake takes it upon himself to install an untested upgrade."