Vice Guide to Film

The ultimate insider's take on today's great directors. Actors and artists from the worlds of Tarantino, Lynch, Spike Lee, Sofia Coppola and many others share the vision and madness behind today's most innovative, influential films.







Season 1 - Vice Guide to Film
"James Franco, Harmony Korine, and Errol Morris explore the wild worlds of German maverick Werner Herzog, whose films have taken us from the Amazon to the Arctic and beyond as he probes the fine line between the awesome and the absurd."
"Julianne Moore, Kyle Chandler, and Kelly Reichardt examine the oeuvre of Todd Haynes."
"Samuel Jackson, Juliette Lewis ,and Eli Roth reflect on the shocking, provocative career of Quentin Tarantino, from his underdog beginnings and mainstream breakthrough to blockbuster revenge epics like Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained."
"Ben Affleck, Robin Wright, and Jesse Eisenberg examine the films of director David Fincher, who has created thrillers that cast a dark shadow over American cinema."
"James Franco, Kelly Lynch, and Dustin Lance Black travel the cinematic roads of Gus Van Sant."
"George Clooney and Jeff Bridges analyze the auteur tag team of Joel and Ethan Coen, sharing stories from the set and breaking down scenes from their Oscar-winning classics."
"Jesse Eisenberg and Todd Haynes traverse the poetic road films of director Kelly Reichardt."
"Rob Zombie and Keith David relive the shock and awe of John Carpenter\u2019s terrifying films and explore what it takes to be the original Master of Horror."
"Guillermo del Toro and Geena Davis dissect the work of David Cronenberg, the Canadian auteur, whose fusion of provocative ideas with gut-churning gore made him the father of body horror."
"Louis C.K. and Isabella Rossellini probe the dreamworlds of David Lynch, from Eraserhead's post-apocalyptic wasteland to Mulholland Drive's Hollywood nightmare."
"Lars Von Trier's daring films have made him an art-house superstar. Collaborators Jamie Bell and Stellan Skarsg\u00e5rd reflect on the controversial director's themes and obsessions."
"Samuel L. Jackson, Clive Owen and John Turturro tackle the tough truths of Spike Lee, whose political provocations and bold storytelling have earned him controversy and acclaim."
"Matthew McConaughey and Vanessa Paradis take an intimate look at French-Canadian filmmaker Jean-Marc Vall\u00e9e, whose eclectic films each boast a unique emotional charge."
"Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence talk about the wild films of David O. Russell, whose films feature underdog fighters and all-American hustlers trying to make their mark."
"Ewan McGregor and Freida Pinto describe the vitality and velocity in Danny Boyle\u2019s stories of Mumbai slumdogs, Scottish junkies and other lost souls facing the fight of their lives."
"Isabelle Huppert and Kim Gordon survey the sensuous and dangerous worlds of Claire Denis, whose provocative films have made her one of the leading figures in world cinema."
"Elisabeth Moss and Ben Whishaw tackle the challenging questions that fascinate Jane Campion, the New Zealander who remains the only female director to win Cannes' top prize."